A leader among steering systems manufacturers

steering system manufacturers | steering parts manufacturers | steering ball jointFrom humble beginnings in 1969, we have grown rapidly to become a world class steering systems manufacturer, providing bespoke steering parts to a range of sectors where standard parts are not fit for the task. We now possess a global network of long-serving customers who value our manufacturing knowledge.

Different from other steering parts manufacturers

In 2018, our reputation as a steering systems manufacturer was recognised by PACCAR, who listed us among their 10 parts per million (ppm) suppliers. This elite group of manufacturers includes those suppliers whose manufacturing capabilities are so reliable that only ten in a million parts are defective.

We adopt and pursue a lean manufacturing ethos, guaranteeing value for the customer and eliminating waste. As practitioners of lean methodologies, we have streamlined our processes to become more responsive to our customers while keeping costs low. 

We also apply Six Sigma methodologies. This is a set of principles that ensures we are always focused on the customer, we are aware of our processes and by analysing the data that emerges from them, we eliminate waste and error.

What sets us apart from other steering systems manufacturers is our ability to provide bespoke products and custom-made parts. Our manufacturing capability provides the flexibility to serve the specific requirements of each vehicle project that we work on, ensuring we can provide exactly what you need.

We have maintained the capability to fulfil large orders and unlike some steering system manufacturers, our flexibility allows us to manufacture steering systems with design flexible options.

Investing in the future

We have been investing over £1 million every year to enhance and modernise our factory floor and maintain our position as a leading steering systems manufacturer.

Examples of recent acquisitions include a Mazak hyper quadrex 250 MSY, a simultaneous horizontal multi-axis (SOHMAX) machine, a Star GB ST-38 and, most recently, a HAAS VF-2SS machining centre.  

These investments mean we boast the latest manufacturing technology. Each machine has involved concentrating greater functionality into a single footprint. With each investment, we can do more in a smaller footprint and we can do it faster.

Possessing the latest manufacturing technology allows us to meet the time-sensitive demands of industry and carry out faster design changes during the manufacturing process.

Our manufacturing is complimented by supreme quality control equipment and we continue to make investments in this area. We recently purchased a 3D scanning arm to provide additional quality assurance. This technology is especially important for steering systems manufacturers who supply parts for safety-critical vehicles.

We manufacture steering systems and parts for a range of vehicle types and sectors. These include commercial vehicles such as heavy goods vehicles, emergency services vehicles, construction vehicles, buses and coaches and specialist utilities vehicles. For all these sectors, Pailton Engineering specialises in manufacturing custom designs and bespoke parts. When standard off-the-shelf parts will not suffice, or when you need parts that are manufactured to withstand novel or harsh environmental conditions — we can help.

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