High quality steering parts | TS 16949 steering parts

IATF 16949: 2016 for steering parts you can trust

Commercial vehicles, military vehicles and other specialist vehicles require a  steering system that is suitable for challenging environments. With Pailton Engineering, vehicle manufacturers know they are getting high quality steering parts, via the IATF16949 standard.

Our customers can rely on us to understand the unique requirements of their vehicle project. We are committed to understanding their expectations and satisfying those needs with high quality steering parts made to exact specifications.

Our manufacturing processes meet the requirements of the International Automotive Task Force quality management standard IATF 16949: 2016. This defines the requirements of a quality management system in the automotive sector and its latest version provides more stringent standards than ever before. Whether it is a ball joint or a full steering system, leading vehicle manufacturers trust us to supply the high quality steering parts they need.

High quality steering parts | TS 16949 steering parts

High quality processes for high quality steering parts

We abide by the advanced product quality planning process (APQP) to develop high quality steering parts. Our cross functional team approach involves sales, marketing, product design, procurement, quality, manufacturing and distribution, during the APQP. This ensures the voice of the customer is clearly understood, translating the requirements, technical specifications and special characteristics into the manufacturing of high quality steering parts.

The APQP process incorporates design failure mode effect analysis (DFMEA), process failure mode effect analysis (PFMEA), process flow, measurement system analysis, control plans, inspection equipment, statistical process control techniques, standard operating procedures and production part approval process (PPAP) to enhance the reliability of our products and identify potential risks or problems at source.

Design for manufacturing analysis (DFM/A) methodology is used to enable a product design to be efficiently manufactured and easily assembled with minimum labour cost. The use of DFM/A at Pailton Engineering can help detect, quantify, and eliminate waste and manufacturing inefficiency at the earliest possible stage in the process. With DFM/A, the design and manufacturing engineers work together as a team in developing the manufacturing and assembly methods simultaneously with the design. 

Our processes also help ensure full product traceability, to further enhance product quality assurance for our customers. During the product manufacturing process, route cards are created for each batch of parts made to guarantee this quality.

High quality steering parts | TS 16949 steering parts

Investment in equipment

The company uses a range of specialised inspection and metrology equipment during manufacturing to deliver high levels of consistency and manufacture parts with ultra-tight tolerances.  From the modern shadowgraphs to the latest coordinating measuring machines, our constant investment in new machinery reflects our reputation for high quality steering parts.

We also employ rigorous testing so you know our steering components are built to withstand the harshest under chassis environments. Whether it is a military engineering vehicle, electrified buses or the latest heavy-goods vehicles, our range of testing processes and technologies gives our customers the confidence they need in the quality of our steering systems.

Pailton Engineering specialises in high quality steering and suspension parts. To find out more about our product services and manufacturing processes, please give us a call on +44 (0)2476 680445 or use the contact us form.


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