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Are you a chassis designer in the United States or Canada producing military vehicles, buses or commercial vehicles? We’d love to hear from you. We produce all kinds of steering system parts for these heavy-duty vehicles, including ball joints, steering columns and drag links.

Our extensive client portfolio across the United States and Canada demonstrates Pailton Engineering’s decades of experience supplying quality, long-lasting steering parts to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

What makes Pailton Engineering different? We offer unrivalled design flexibility, from prototype to production. If you need non-standard geometry, dimensions or serrations, we are happy to accommodate these. We work closely with you, and spend the time to understand the unique vehicle specification you have.

Ball joints, steering columns and drag links for the US

The problem many designers or buyers face, particularly in the early stages of new-concept vehicles, is not being able to find the right steering parts for non-standard chassis designs.

Rather than searching through reams of catalogues that probably won’t meet your brief, get in touch with the team of skilled engineers at Pailton Engineering who are available to listen to you and truly understand your vision.

We’re used to working on high-profile, revolutionary projects under non-disclosure agreements, so rest assured, you are in good hands with Pailton Engineering by your side.

Here are some interesting features about our parts:

Steering columns

  • Manual, pneumatic or electronic adjustment
  • Made to your tilt and telescope requirements
  • Various mounting options

Drag link assemblies

  • 2 main variants: ‘Fixed’ and ‘Adjustable’
  • Straight intermediates or intermediates featuring bends
  • Definable features such as adjustment ranges, ball joint sizes, taper requirements, fasteners and finish requirements

Ball joints

  • Sphere sizes up to 65mm
  • Internal or external threads
  • Induction hardened to provide increased product life

We also design and manufacture steering shafts, panhard rods, mitre boxes, drop arms and universal joints.

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