Testing is an important part of Pailton Engineering

steering environmental testing | steering ingress protectionThe Pailton Engineering test laboratory is a state of the art and important facility in the testing of components and assemblies which assist customers in their development programmes, saving time, labour and expense. Test programmes can be tailored to specific customer requirements, or to our own internal standards.

We have test apparatus to simulate loads and cycles of steering systems for accelerated durability testing of universal joints, steering columns, drag links and ball joints.  A typical test can simulate thousands of miles of highway driving within just a few hours.

Types of Testing

At Pailton Engineering we have a range of state-of-the-art steering testing equipment at our laboratory in the Midlands. As part of our testing programme, maximum static torque test equipment is used to test the strength of joints, tubes or welding and static fatigue testing machines are used for accelerated tests of assemblies or individual features.

Torsional fatigue and wear rigs, test wear on bearings in universal joints, intermediate shafts and other moving parts whilst using various combinations of splines, torque, cycles and temperatures.

Specific environmental test rigs can replicate environmental conditions that are experienced in application, subjecting components to salt and grit solutions via spray or submersion, while having the option of rotary movement and any varying temperature requests.

This testing facility in combination with our design and engineering experience, ensure that only the highest quality products are manufactured at our facilities.

Latest Technologies

By investing in the latest technologies, our engineers can carry out extensive testing to ensure that each steering system component is to the highest quality.

We regularly train our employees in the latest methods and procedures and stay up to date with industry regulations and requirements.

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