A brief guide to Automotive Engineering Solutions

When it comes to automotive engineering solutions, PEL know a thing or two about what it takes to deliver high-quality steering systems as well as excellent customer service.  Here, we take a look at what it takes to supply outstanding automotive engineering solutions to commercial vehicle manufacturers around the world.

1. Delivering products that more than meet the customer’s expectations

To really satisfy the demands of the customer, we only supply steering systems which are specifically designed to suit the special requirements of each vehicle.  No off-the-shelf system or component will ever be the ‘best fit’ for all vehicles as no two vehicles are the same.  Whether specialist utility or busemergency service or military all have specific requirements which need bespoke services.

2. Ensuring only quality, fit-for-purpose products are supplied

Having a purpose-built, in-house testing facility means that every prototype is rigorously tested before it is put into production.  Together with our design and engineering experience, we can ensure that everything leaving our premises is guaranteed to be fit-for-purpose and only of the highest quality.  From torsional testing to fatigue cycling, maximum load testing to axial fatigue, our many tests and checks are carried out to exacting standards.

3. Investment, investment, investment…

The automotive industry is constantly evolving with new innovations coming to the market almost daily.  Investing in new technology and innovative equipment to ensure our products are continually improving, means that we are able to meet new challenges and opportunities.  A substantial investment in state-of-the art testing and production facilities, together with continued investment in training keeps us ahead of the competition.

PEL is an automotive engineering solutions company based in Coventry.  For over 40 years we have been supplying steering systems and components to prestige commercial vehicle manufacturers worldwide.  For more information on PEL and our products, please browse our website.

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