When designing steering systems for commercial vehicles, it is vital that each and every component is manufactured to provide optimum performance. From sliding steering shafts, to drop arm manufacture, each and every part needs to be designed to meet the needs of the vehicle it will be fitted to.

A Drop Arm, or Pitman Arm as it is also known, is a component linked to the steering gear to the drag link.  It converts the motion it receives from the steering gear into the drag link, causing it to move left or forward and aft to turn the steering mechanism of the vehicle in the required direction.

This part of the steering system is comprised of a number of moveable parts, all of which are subject to wear and tear, which in turn leads to compromised steering performance.  To ensure that these components are fit for purpose and are of high quality before delivering to the vehicle manufacturer, each one needs to be put through a number of stringent tests.

Testing can involve:

  • Load and cycle simulation of steering systems for accelerated durability testing of components, such as steering and suspension ball joints.
  • Rotary testing to check wear on bearings and other moveable parts whilst being sprayed with salt and grit solutions.
  • Maximum static torque testing to test the strength of joints.
  • Tensile testing for checking staked connections, ball pins and other component parts.

Only when satisfied that the steering components are suitable and fit for use, will they be fitted to the vehicle.

Pailton Engineering are specialists in providing premium steering systems and components for the commercial vehicle market.  We produce Drop Arms that suit any steering gear manufacturers’ splines and use the vehicle’s loading data to ensure that the Drop Arm is suitable for that particular application.

We work closely with our customers to provide steering solutions to answer a number of problems, as well as helping them improve their existing products and develop new ones.

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