Electric steering column | Driver ergonomics | adjustable steering column

In a world-first for the bus market, steering system specialist Pailton Engineering has announced its new electric memory steering column. Designed to be installed on buses and coaches, this new product enables the steering wheel position to automatically adjust for drivers on an individual basis, controlled by a joystick or by Bluetooth connection.

First seen at Busworld this year in collaboration with Continental, seat provider Isri and electric bus manufacturer EBUSCO, this official launch is a landmark moment for bus manufacturers, operators and bus drivers alike.

The product’s memory records the optimal position for each driver, removing the need to manually adjust the steering when a driver starts a new shift. With the optimal steering position guaranteed every time, the electric steering column design improves ergonomics and driver position.

With this innovative design, Pailton Engineering aims to reduce the bus driver injuries and chronic conditions associated with sub-optimal driver conditions.

“We’ve already had a great response from the bus industry,” said Roger Brereton, head of sales at Pailton Engineering. “This new product is one that is very much needed in order to keep bus drivers healthy, to ensure the driving occupation remains attractive and to keep work-related chronic conditions to a minimum.

Electric steering column | Driver ergonomics | adjustable steering column

“We’ve taken a premium car feature and made it available to bus manufacturers, not only to save businesses the costs associated with recurrent steering adjustments and employee absence, but to protect the drivers which the industry would be nothing without.”

Pailton Engineering offers complete design flexibility for bus and coach steering systems, covering upper steering parts such as the steering column, as well as lower parts such as steering drag links and universal joints. The technical team are available to advise any bus or coach manufacturer looking to be one of the first to include electric memory steering column designs in new bus or coach designs.

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