We have made our biggest investment in the last three years, with the purchase of the flagship Star GB ST-38 CNC sliding head lathe. This machine provides a solution for mill-turn parts and is packed with functionality, to ensure Pailton Engineering can keep up with the increased demand for bespoke steering systems.

 The ST-38 is Star’s flagship model, adding to the two other Star machines currently on the factory floor at Pailton Engineering’s facility. Three 10 station turrets allow up to 70 tools to be loaded to the machine at one time, providing greater productivity. Each tool can be easily removed with Star’s unique clamping mechanism permitting fast set-up and changeover.

The new machine is part of a larger investment to transform Pailton Engineering’s factory floor. Two other recent capital investments include a high-spec Mazak machine and a SOHMAX drilling and tapping machine. The company has reinvested over £700k into the business every year for the past two years, and the latest Star GB investment is part of a larger business transformation.

“We’ve always invested in equipment that will give us extra capacity and increased engineering flexibility,” said Cy Wilkinson, managing director of Pailton. “The purchase of the Star ST-38 was the next natural step for us as it now gives us up to 38mm diameter bar capacity. Capable of multi-axis milling and balanced turning, this is one of the most powerful and capable machines on our factory floor.

“This one machine does the job of multiple machines on the factory floor, saving time and floor space,” continued Wilkinson. “There are numerous tools and tool holders available, which allows us to work in new ways and increase skills across the workforce. The machine can carry out back angled milling, back angled inner threading and simultaneous cross drilling, which will have a huge effect on product development.”

Together, these new machinery investments bolster Pailton Engineering’s product development to ensure bus & coach, military, and commercial vehicles are equipped with made to measure steering systems, designed for extreme applications.

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