There are many component parts to a commercial vehicle steering system.  Each one has to be carefully engineered and designed to ensure that it is not only reliable, robust, safe and fit for purpose, but it also needs to be perfect for the vehicle type it has been designed to fit.

When it comes to a commercial vehicle, an off-the-shelf product will never do, because this umbrella term covers a wide and varying range of vehicles. A specialist utility vehicle such as a road sweeper has completely different requirements to that of an ambulance, for example.

When manufacturing mitre boxes, or bevel boxes, different customer requirements must be accounted for.  Here at Pailton Engineering we provide mitre or bevel gearboxes separately or pre-built into a column assembly, available with 1 x 66, 1 x 79, 19.05 x 48 and 22.23 x 48 shaft serrations in any combination.  We can also provide 9, 12 or 20 tooth if required.  This means that our boxes can be connected to any mating component that our customer may have.

In addition, input and output shaft serrations are available with a bolt flat or circumferential groove, and chassis, or floor mounted, depending on our customers’ preferences and requirements.

Manufacturing Mitre Boxes to your specifications

Our bevel and mitre boxes are supplied pre-filled with automatic transmission fluid and to guarantee against leaks, we engineer them with a double lip shaft seals and steel oil level plug.

Before being delivered, we fully test every single component.  Mitre box bearings and gears are stringently tested for durability, reliability and wear in development, during which time the components are sprayed with salt and grit solutions using various combinations of splines, torques and temperatures.  Only when we are sure that the system passes all performance criteria will be present for approval.

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