From the rugged terrain of a construction site to the searing temperatures of a desert, there are many demands that are placed on a commercial vehicle’s steering system.  Whether the vehicle is used for emergency services, military, passenger carrying, road sweeping, construction, or anything else, the steering system needs to be reliable, robust, safe and deliver great performance.

So when it comes to manufacturing steering systems and individual components for these demanding environments, it is vital that these parts are of the highest quality, made to last and provide optimum performance.  Components such as drag link assemblies, sliding steering universal joints, sliding steering shafts, suspension ball joints, and steering column assemblies can all be designed and manufactured to meet specific vehicle and customer requirements.

Components such as sliding steering universal joints are available in standard sizes, but when it comes to the individual and diverse requirements of the commercial vehicle, it is not always possible to use a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  Special sizes, shapes and serrations can be engineered to suit particular applications which ensure that during assembly, commercial vehicle manufacturers do not have to alter their designs to make a standard component fit.

No two vehicles are the same, which is why companies like Pailton Engineering are able to design, test and manufacture world class steering systems and components, which are made to meet the exact requirements of each and every vehicle.

Manufacturers of sliding steering universal joints and other steering components are constantly working to improve the technical performance of their products, whilst meeting ever-changing market demands, which in turn helps commercial vehicle manufacturers stay ahead of their competitors.

Pailton Engineering has been designing and engineering steering systems for some of the world’s best-known commercial vehicle manufacturers for over 45 years. Our engineers have a complete understanding of all of the intricacies and demands required of a commercial vehicle’s steering system.

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