Pailton Engineering is launching its next generation of bevel boxes for commercial vehicles. This generation three design is a step up from previous generations, with reduced torque characteristics and upgraded sealing capabilities. As this bevel box is equipped to handle extreme conditions, this product launch will benefit the military, bus, coach and construction sectors, which all rely on robust steering systems.  

 Bevel boxes are a pivotal component of a steering system, transmitting torque through 90 degrees in order to provide a compact steering system package. This generation three bevel box has an improved rotational torque rating to reduce steering input effort, making steering quicker and more agile. Vehicles can also travel through a wide variety of environments, including excellent wading capabilities.

“We are always looking to increase the capabilities of our steering system components,” said Nick Jordan, technical engineering manager at Pailton Engineering. “Many extreme applications expose the steering system to salt, water, grit and mud that some bevel boxes are not designed to handle. This new bevel box has been through a long testing and validation process, ensuring that it is well equipped to cope with extreme conditions, including off-road driving”.

This next generation bevel box can handle temperatures as low as -40°C; ensuring vehicles in the United States, Europe and Canada which are vulnerable to harsh outdoor conditions in the winter months are fully operational. In extreme cases these conditions can cause issues with the viscosity of the fluid within lubricated components. Pailton Engineering has designed this product against such extremities, using unique lubrication that allows military and commercial vehicles to work effectively in a range of extreme environments.

Pailton Engineering can manufacture this bevel box to specific requirements for any commercial vehicle application. Using the latest technology in manufacturing and testing, these products will last the lifetime of the vehicle. If you would like any more information on Pailton Engineering’s steering system products, call +44 (0) 24 7668 0445

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