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In the UK alone, over two million people work in the haulage and logistics industry. As everything we eat, drink and wear depends on road delivery, road haulage is essential for businesses around the world. This sector keeps the world turning, and it relies on Pailton to keep this going.

Remember: fleet vehicles are only valuable to their owners if they are out on the road.

Commercial vehicles, such as heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and large goods vehicles (LGVs) carry out long journeys, in turbulent weather and carrying varying loads. Our commercial vehicle steering systems are designed and manufactured with this in mind, unlike off-the-shelf steering systems.

Bespoke design

To keep up with the growing industry demand, engineered steering systems from Pailton Engineering provide high performing and agile steering, expertly designed with the vehicle’s application in mind. Every part of the steering system, from the steering column assembly to the bevel box is designed, manufactured and tested just for you.

Low maintenance

Pailton specialise in low or no maintenance solutions, using sealed parts that have life-long lubrication that with the exception of periodic safety critical checks, can essentially provide a ‘fit and forget’ product for owners.

Our sealed sliding steering shafts are manufactured using specialist polymer bushes that reduce friction, meaning additional lubrication isn’t needed.

Tried and tested

Vehicles working in sub-zero temperatures in countries like Canada will undoubtedly have different needs from those in hot climates like the Middle East or Australia, and we take this into account from day one of the design process.

Equally, commercial vehicles are often required to travel through extreme road and weather conditions and drivers must be able to cope with a multitude of scenarios. Pailton steering systems have been tested against extremities, to ensure longevity and strength.

We rigorously test parts for trucks under the load or forces they may encounter, establishing an accurate fatigue life of the parts and system as a whole.

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