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With 2.9 million people employed in the UK construction sector, this industry contributes £90 billion to the UK economy. The sector is expected to grow 2.5 per cent every year for the next five years and, with that, comes the need for additional construction vehicles to carry out these projects.

Construction vehicles come in many different forms, including backhoe loaders, dump trucks and wheeled excavators — all of which have their own specific requirements. These vehicles are fundamental in moving material to and from a job site, across road surfaces, loose sand and muddy areas.

As these vehicles dig, lift and transport heavy loads on an array of surfaces, the steering system is impacted by greater force, putting stress on the vehicle and the operator.

Made to measure

To keep up with the increased need for construction vehicles, Pailton Engineering designs, manufactures and tests high performing and robust steering systems, expertly designed in accordance with the vehicle original equipment manufacturer (OEM)’s specification. Every part of the steering system, from the panhard rods to the steering joints is custom made.

To ensure vehicles can cope with a multitude of job site challenges, we rigorously test against the forces the vehicle could encounter, establishing an accurate fatigue life of the parts and system as a whole. Our testing data is repeatable, precise and accurate, giving you the confidence that out-of-the-box products cannot offer.

Pailton’s construction vehicle engineering is here so that excavation projects run without a hitch. Call us on +44 (0)2476 680445 or e-mail us at to discuss the needs for your construction vehicle steering system.

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