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Military personnel rely on vehicles that have been tested to their utmost limits. Military vehicles face a wide range of climates and conditions throughout their service, such as difficult terrain, deep wading and searing temperatures. Using the latest in theoretical calculations and physical testing, we design against these extremities, ensuring the vehicle can face whatever comes it way.

Over the last two decades, the Pailton team has developed a long-standing relationship with various military vehicle OEMs, providing the likes of ball jointsdrag links and steering columns. We have worked on many projects that have posed considerable engineering challenges.

We rigorously test components under the load or forces it may encounter to establish an accurate fatigue life of the parts and system as a whole. Using test rigs and assault courses, we simulate the type of conditions the vehicle will contend with out in field, to provide useful data.

Wading capabilities

Many times, a military steering system will be exposed to salt, water, grit and mud, something that our components have been designed to handle.

The bevel gear box is a pivotal component in the steering system, transmitting torque through 90 degrees in order to provide a compact steering system package. Our generation three bevel boxes have an improved rotational torque rating to reduce steering input effort, and can handle temperatures as low as -40°C.

This enables military vehicles to travel through a wide variety of environments, with excellent wading capabilities.

Case study: The ultimate light-weight military vehicle

Recently we contributed to the development of a high-tech, well-armoured and incredibly agile military vehicle. The military vehicle OEM asked for a small, lightweight steering drag link assembly that would allow the vehicle to remain light and nimble, but also have the strength to handle the maximum load values the vehicle may face out in service.

We designed, manufactured and continually tested this non-standard drag link throughout the design process to very accurate loads, in order to generate detailed findings. This gruelling process proved that Pailton Engineering’s components, as well as the team’s attention to detail, is unbeatable.

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