Specialist vehicles, specialist approach


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Specialist vehicles are named as such for a reason — they’re integral to society. It’s essential that they have minimal downtime, which fundamentally comes down to expert engineering with low-maintenance parts at the forefront of design. Service vehicles such as road sweepers, gritting vehicles, refuse trucks and snow ploughs are all types of specialist vehicles that play vital roles in the smooth operation of our roads.

Logistically, road gritting is a monumental task that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Consider the UK as an example. Various highway authorities are responsible for gritting 90 per cent of all roads — that’s 225,000 miles of roads across England and Wales alone. While this task will be shared across many vehicles, our service vehicle steering systems are tested against 500,000 miles of road simulation, to make sure these vehicles are well equipped.

Specialist vehicles, specialist approach

Pailton Engineering has been developing, prototyping, testing and manufacturing steering parts for this market for an unrivalled amount of time. As with many of the vehicle types Pailton supplies for, specialist utility vehicles are heavy-duty and require a high level of expertise that only experienced manufacturers can provide. We work closely with utility vehicle OE manufacturers to ensure the steering systems we provide are fit for the application — no matter how extreme.

If an issue related to the sliding steering shaft or system of a specialist vehicle arises, the chances are, the expert team at Pailton Engineering has already been through the process of resolving the problem. As a result, we already know how to fix it — reducing lead times and production costs.

What is more, we rigorously test components under the environments they may encounter. For example, for vehicles working in sub-zero temperatures while exposed to water and grit, we can test the rigor of a bespoke steering system by simulating the exact conditions.

Specialist vehicles require a specialist approach. Call the team directly on +44 (0)2476 680445 to discuss the exact needs of your utility vehicle steering. Alternatively, you can view our standard product range here.

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