Train suspension: Creating reliable mobility networks through expert engineering

Panhard rods, panhard bars and train suspension systems manufactured by Pailton Engineering in Coventry

With long-term projects to electrify the world’s railroads on the horizon, locomotive builders will have a new set of challenges to contend with. In the UK alone, £4.2 billion has been set aside for electrification schemes.

As an increasingly green mode of transport, thanks to electrification, the rail industry is constantly shifting to meet new environmental transportation demands. We’re certainly not putting the brakes on — the future of railway engineering is bright.

To enable locomotive builders to meet these varied demands of rail operators and rail infrastructure, expert and reliable engineering of train parts, especially train suspension, is required — that’s where Pailton Engineering can help.

Flexible train suspension systems

Pailton Engineering manufactures a range of train suspension systems for the rail industryWith over 50 years’ experience of testing and developing steering system components such as panhard rods and suspension links, we’ve seamlessly translated our experience in specialist vehicle design to exciting new projects in the rail sector.

Pailton Engineering works with train builders in a collaborative manner throughout the design, manufacturing and testing phases of your project, to ensure all your steering part requirements are met.

Our engineers are experts in designing heavy duty steering systems, offering the flexibility to work with non-standard chassis designs and the option to amend designs using 3D-CAD. Our products are designed using robust materials, meaning we offer superior quality and component longevity.

Every steering system component developed by Pailton Engineering meets the current rail standards and we work closely with train builders to assist in meeting local operating conditions.

Pan hard rods and bars: testing at the core

Panhard rods and panhard bars for the rail industryWe know that disruptions due to premature component failure, can be a real headache. To ensure a long service life, we conduct extensive testing at our in-house state-of-the-art laboratory. We’re constantly investing in the latest technology to allow our engineers to carry out thorough physical and quality assurance testing, verifying that each component is to the highest standard and crucially, is fit for purpose.

Our panhard rods, bars joints and tubes adhere to arduous fatigue test requirements while the construction of the rubber panhard joints guarantee a long service life. What’s more, our components undergo environmental testing to ensure that they are suitable for their specific operating conditions, which reduces unplanned maintenance costs.

We also manufacture components for a range of specialist transport sectors such as emergency vehicles, military vehicles and commercial vehicles. View our full product range here.

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