Keep ahead of the commercial vehicle market with drag link manufacturer, Pailton

From steering column assemblies and sliding steering shafts to drag links, every one of Pailton Engineering’s steering systems and components are expertly engineered to exact customer specifications.

Working exclusively in the commercial vehicle sector, we are well known as a specialist drag link manufacturer, as well as providers of complete steering systems and other components.  Our engineers have many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of steering solutions for every type and make of commercial vehicle on the market today.

With this knowledge, they are able to solve a wide range of problems facing vehicle manufacturers.  We also work closely with our customers to develop new ideas and technologies which allows both parties to meet the demands of an ever-changing industry.

Pailton, a drag link manufacturer that understands the needs of the commercial vehicle

The drag link is a major component in the steering system of all commercial vehicles, and as such needs to be reliable, robust and hard-wearing.  A worn drag link can severely affect the handling and steering of the vehicle. Therefore, a drag link manufacturer must ensure that their components are able to stand up to the particular challenges of each individual vehicle.

Many commercial vehicles, such as military and those used on building sites, will need to offer superb handling under whilst being driven on rough or difficult terrain.  By contrast a fire-engine or ambulance needs responsive and safe steering when driving at high speeds to an emergency.

We don’t just stop at producing a high quality steering component.  Before it is delivered to the customer, we make sure that it is rigorously tested so that we know that it is up to the job it was designed for. We put our components through tests that simulate 500,000 miles of driving in only 10 days.  Only when we are satisfied that the product is fit for purpose will it be delivered to the customer.

Choose a leading drag link manufacturer to supply you with your steering components

As a leading drag link manufacturer in Europe, we supply bus, coach, utility, military, emergency services, and lorry manufacturers around the world with high quality, precision engineered steering systems and components.

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