Electric steering column

The electric steering column is adjusted using electric motors, providing a superior level of control and adjustment when compared to pneumatically adjusted columns. This column’s ergonomic design has been developed with bus and coach drivers in mind, to provide the maximum level of comfort and adjustability. A key benefit of the column is its built-in memory function. This allows each driver to retain the optimal settings for their unique requirements and automatically readjust the column after each driver shift via a simple click of the button. The column has also been designed to ensure a smooth integration with the driver dashboard.

Collapsible steering columns

Pailton Engineering can provide a collapsible steering column that is purpose built for lightweight delivery vehicles, including last mile delivery vehicles. This steering column, which conforms with requirements in the automotive sector, has been designed to meet growing demand for components for delivery vehicles. The column can be supplied alongside sliders and a bevel box, both of which have been specifically designed for lightweight delivery vehicles. The collapsible steering column provides a lightweight and compact design. Pailton Engineering’s team can provide customisation to meet project requirements, avoiding the drawbacks of off-the-shelf products that are over-engineered.

Tilting head steering column

This steering column benefits from a unique tilting head mechanism and is the only steering column on the market to offer this benefit. This additional level of adjustability means this single steering column conforms with industry standards and regulatory requirements in each European country, removing the need to have a different part for buses in each country. In addition to the tilting head mechanism, the design also offers a tilting column and telescopic adjustability. The column is designed for integration with a driver workstation to enhance ergonomics for the driver.


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