Here at Pailton Engineering, our range of steering universal joints is the most comprehensive around. An integral part of the wider steering system, our joints are available in two sizes – 19mm and 15mm. Both sizes have an operating angle of up to 50 degrees. It’s not just standard sizes that our specialist team provide to clients from multiple industry sectors, our bespoke service works to your specific requirements to design and manufacture tailor-made steering joints of varying sizes, shapes and connection details.

Trusted Steering Universal Joint Specialist

Often referred to as steering column joints, universal joints should be checked regularly to ensure that they are free from excess wear. In addition to checking that the bolts of the joints are tight, there should be no play when the joint is turned, pulled or pushed.

If the bolts are loose and the joint itself shows signs of play then you may need to consider speaking to a member of our team.

Universal joints for all applications

Whether you wish to invest in our standard bearing sizes or request a bespoke or double steering universal joint, we have the knowledge, experience and access to state-of-the-art facilities you need to deliver quality, performance and durability.

We have been designing and testing steering systems since 1969, and as well as working with a variety of clients – including bus and coach, truck, utility, specialist, off highway and military vehicle manufacturers – we have produced components for countless vehicle types, sizes and quantities.

To discover more about our products, including our range of steering universal joints, please contact our team today.