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Our range of Panhard Rods and Suspension links are designed and manufactured to meet the demands of road going and off-highway vehicles. They are designed to meet the harshest under chassis environments of the military, construction, bus and coach sectors.  With over 50 years experience of testing and development you can be assured our products achieve the highest standards.

Our Panhard Rods and Suspension links can be supplied in 2 main variants; ‘Fixed’ and ‘Adjustable’.  Straight intermediates can be designed depending on the chassis layout. Definable features such as adjustment ranges, Trunnion fixings, Trunnion Centre distances, fasteners and finish requirements. Panhard Joint and tubes adhere to arduous fatigue test requirements whilst the construction of the rubber Panhard joints ensures a long service life.

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panhard rod | suspension links
panhard rod | suspension links
panhard rod | suspension links
panhard rod | suspension links
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