Electric vehicles

Weight limit

One of the major struggles with building viable electric commercial vehicles is the weight of the vehicle. This is less of a problem for passenger vehicles and it is therefore no surprise that the automotive sector is currently ahead on the path toward electrification. Commercial vehicles, particularly trucks and heavy goods vehicles, are not only heavier to begin with, they also require much heavier batteries to power them.

Pailton Engineering can design and manufacture steering parts that are specifically designed for electric vehicles. These parts are lighter, but without losing any of the reliability customers have come to expect from us. The high-quality materials and the engineering expertise we possess ensures these parts are built to last.


Last mile delivery vehicles

A key area of focus in the commercial vehicle sector is the development of vans that are specifically designed for last mile or final mile logistics. These purpose-built vehicles tackle the final parts of a journey, often having to navigate complex urban environments.

These vehicles are easier to electrify than larger trucks, due to their lower weight. Range anxiety is also less of an issue as the overall distance travelled is often much smaller than would be expected for heavy goods vehicles, ensuring they can complete their journey on a single charge. We are therefore seeing electrification begin to really take off in this sector.

Last mile delivery van

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